Monday, October 20, 2014

Garry Winogrand at Jeu De Paume, Paris

Garry Winogrand - New York 1962
The block-buster Garry Winogrand show organised by San Francisco MoMA and the National Gallery of Art, Washington opened at Jeu De Paume, Paris last week. Perfectly timed for Paris Photo, it will run until 8 February 2015.

The Jeu de Paume presents the first retrospective in twenty-five years of the great American photographer, Garry Winogrand (1928–1984), who chronicled America in the post-war years. Winogrand is still relatively unknown because he left his work unfinished at the time of his death, but he is unquestionably one of the masters of American street photography, on a par with Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander and William Klein.

Winogrand, who photographed “to see what the world looks like in photographs,” is famous for his photographs of New York and American life from the 1950s through the early 1980s.  “Garry Winogrand” brings together the artist’s most iconic images with newly printed photographs from his until now largely unexamined archive of late work, offering a rigorous overview of the photographer’s complete working life and revealing for the first time the full sweep of his career.

The photographs in the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue will create a vivid portrait of the artist, a chronicler of postwar America on a par with such figures as Norman Mailer and Robert Rauschenberg, who unflinchingly captured America’s wrenching swings between optimism and upheaval in the decades following World War II.

While Winogrand is widely considered to be one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, his overall body of work and influence on the field remains incompletely explored. He was enormously prolific, but largely postponed the editing and printing of his work. Dying suddenly at the age of fifty-six, he left behind approximately 6,500 rolls of film (some 250,000 images) that he had never seen, as well as proof sheets from his earlier years that he had marked but never printed. Roughly half of the photographs in the exhibition have never been exhibited or published until now; over 100 have never before been printed.

“There exists in photography no other body of work of comparable size or quality that is so editorially unresolved,” says Rubinfien, who was among the youngest of Winogrand’s circle of friends in the 1970s. “This exhibition represents the first effort to comprehensively examine Winogrand’s unfinished work. It also aims to turn the presentation of his work away from topical editing and toward a freer organization that is faithful to his art’s essential spirit, thus enabling a new understanding of his oeuvre, even for those who think they know him.”

The exhibition is divided into three parts, each covering a broad variety of subjects found in Winogrand’s art : “Down from the Bronx” presents photographs taken for the most part in New York from his start in 1950 until 1971; “A Student of America” looks at work made in the same period during journeys outside New York; and “Boom and Bust” addresses Winogrand’s late period—from when he moved away from New York in 1971 until his death in 1984—with photographs from Texas and Southern California, as well as Chicago, Washington, Miami, and other locations. This third section also includes a small number of photographs Winogrand made on trips back to Manhattan, which express a sense of desolation unprecedented in his earlier work.

Winogrand was known as great talker with a flamboyant, forceful personality, and what he said accompanying his slide shows and lectures was often imaginative and very funny. Excerpts from a video made in 1977 will allow visitors to experience the living Winogrand.

The Guardian's Sean O'Hagan talks about Winogrand - the restless genius who gave street photography attitude - and the show HERE.

Garry Winogrand - New York 1960

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ed Ruscha - Auction record

Ed Ruscha - Double Standard, 1969

In their October 12 Modern Art and Design Auction Los Angeles Modern Auctions achieved  a new world auction record for the highest amount ever paid for any print by Ed Ruscha. Bidding drove the final price for Ruscha’s Double Standard, 1969, (Lot 75 est. $50,000 – 70,000) to $206,250.

In the same sale, LAMA also set new world records for Mike Kelley, and Robert Mapplethorpe, plus selling works by John Baldessari above pre-sale estimates.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PHOTOBOOKSTORE UK - October photobook delights

UK's PHOTOBOOKSTORE always has an action packed mailing each month and October is no exception. Here are a few books that caught my eye.

Susanne Otterberg - No More Junk Mail Please
I could never have dreamed that my grandmother would become demented. She was always so alert, stubborn and strong. The book is about how she and I journeyed into a new world. She gave me the name Jens and was disappointed in me because I no longer came to visit her. Instead it was this Jens who was there helping her. I photographed her the whole time to try to understand what was happening inside her head, and it was also a way to handle my grief over losing her.

Jim Goldberg - Rich and Poor
From 1977 to 1985, Goldberg photographed the wealthy and destitute of San Francisco, creating a visual document that has since become a landmark work. Through the combination of text and photographs, Rich and Poor's mass appeal was instantly recognizable. In 1984 the series was exhibited alongside Robert Adams and Joel Sternfeld in the "Three Americans" exhibition at MoMA, and was published the following year by Random House. Out of print since 1985, Jim Goldberg's Rich and Poor has been completely re-designed and expanded by the artist for Steidl. Available for the first time in hardcover, Rich and Poor builds upon the classic combination of photographs and handwriting and adds a surplus of vintage material and contemporary photographs that have never been published or exhibited. The photographs in Rich and Poor constitute a shocking and gripping portrait of America during the 70's and 80's that remains just as relevant today. A Steidl reprint, 2014.

Olga Matveeva - Feud
Feud is the fraternal war in which the opposition parties often can’t explain its roots and its prime cause. It is some kind of certain sacral action reproducing itself. Actually it is very difficult to be aside of the situation. There is no chance not to react for information provocations, current news and you can’t avoid looking at falling down of Lenin’s monument, when you are in the center of events. The strategic lie generates aggression, and you inevitably become its partner.

The dissonance between common sense and reality is out of any understanding.
Feud is a category of intimate space. Close people who share common bed and who have common past, suddenly become real enemies. Everyone prepares his own concealed plan and builds the strategy of envision. Who started this provocation and what is the source of its nature? You are becoming dependent on it, as if it is some kind of a drug. You feel yourself as an animal in a cage, but you can’t jump out. War and hate here look like a passion, just like the filling and identification of yourself using your counterpart.

You can see a whole lot more HERE.

Monday, October 13, 2014

PARIS PHOTO - SUPER LABO book signings


Here are the SUPER LABO photobook signings scheduled so far for PARIS PHOTO 2014.
Thursday November 13
5-6 PM - HOW HUMANS MADE GOD by Harvey Benge
6-7 PM - NEW DOCUMENTARY by Takashi Homma     
Friday November 14
4-5 PM - NOIA by Antoine d'Agata
6-7 PM - KARAOKE SUNNE by JH Engström and Margot Wallard
Saturday November 15
3-4 PM - GLIMPSE by Joel Meyerowitz
4-5 PM - NOIA by Antoine d’Agata
6-7 PM - NEW DOCUMENTARY by Takashi Homma
Sunday November 16
2-3 PM - HOW HUMANS MADE GOD by Harvey Benge

Antoine d'Agata - NOIA

Antoine d'Agata - NOIA

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How Humans Made God, my new bookwork from SUPER LABO

Japanese publisher SUPER LABO has just released my new photobook, How Humans Made God. 
The title of this bookwork – How Humans Made God – came from a lecture given by the controversial New Zealand theologian Sir Lloyd Geering at the Auckland Writers Festival in 2013. Geering presented his idea that man has invented God and in saying this he rejects the notion that God is a supernatural being who created and continues to look over the world. My book is not about how humans made God but simply a series of pictures that are open to interpretation and are united in their inability to actually explain anything. This work considers the oneness of things where in many respects everything and nothing is God. I am interested in not prioritizing one thing over another which occurs when disparate pictures are placed together in a photo book. It is my hope therefore that this series of pictures will set a stage for the possibility of invention and lead to thoughts of what do we believe and why the world is the way it is.

Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies, each book comes with one of five, each different, signed and numbered C prints, 15 x 10 cm. The book is an offset printed, cloth-bound, hardcover edition, 17.7 x 25 cm, 76 pages with 66 images.  

The book is available direct from SUPER LABO and also at PARIS PHOTO where I will be doing a book signing 5-6pm Thursday Nov 13 and 2-3pm Sunday Nov 16.

Other new books available from SUPER LABO at Paris Photo include editions from Takashi Homma, Ed Templeton, Jim Goldberg, Joel Meyerowitz, Antoine d'Agata, JH Engström and Margot Wallard.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jörg Colberg - Conscientious Portfolio Competition 2014

Jörg Colberg has just announced the call for entries in the 2014 incarnation of his Conscientious Portfolio Competition.
The Conscientious Portfolio Competition (CPC), which is now in its sixth year, is free to enter. It always has been, it always will be. There are no costs involved other than the time it takes to select and send in your work. CPC is aimed at emerging photographers. Photographers not represented by a gallery will get preferential treatment. However, the quality of the work itself plays the most important role.

This year to determine the winner(s) there are two guest judges joining Jörg, curators Arianna Rinaldo and Thomas Weski.

CPC happens in two stages. The first stage is the submission stage. where photographers are asked to send in their application via email. The deadline for this is 31 October 2014, 11:59pm ET.

From the pool of submissions, 25 candidates will be picked for the second round. The photographers in this pool will receive an email, and they will have to send in ten jpeg images.
The winner(s) of the competition will have their work featured on the  Conscientious website, presented in the form of an extended conversation.

Full details can be found HERE on the Conscientious site.

This is an exceptional opportunity to have work seen by Jörg Colberg (and potentially Arianna Rinaldo and Thomas Weski) who in my opinion has an unequaled  level of knowledge, taste and credibility. What's more this Portfolio Competition is FREE unlike other offerings where participants have to front up with hefty $ to have their work seen by reviewers whose opinion often doesn't count for much.

Conscientious Photography Magazine is a website dedicated to contemporary fine-art photography. It offers profiles of photographers, in-depth interviews, photobook reviews, and general articles about photography and related issues.
Founder and editor Jörg M. Colberg began publishing Conscientious in 2002. American Photo included Colberg in their list of “Photography Innovators of 2006,” writing “a new generation of thought leaders has emerged to give photographers and photography fans new avenues of information.”
In addition to working on Conscientious, Colberg has contributed articles/essays to magazines and artist monographs (such as Hellen Van Meene’s Tout va disparaître). He has served on review panels and has reviewed portfolios at various locations.
Colberg is a professor of photography at Hartford Art School/University of Hartford.

Monday, October 6, 2014

BRIGHTON PHOTO BIENNIAL UK's largest photography festival opened this last weekend

Brighton Photo Biennial, the UK’s largest international photography festival, returns for its sixth edition. For BPB14, they break with the single curator model and instead are working in close partnership with a host of regional, national and international collaborators to develop a series of new projects on the theme of Communities, Collectives and Collaboration. BPB14 embraces novel perspectives and fresh approaches to generate commissions, new work and represent archive material.
Designed to inspire, challenge and celebrate the most democratic medium of our age, BPB14 takes place online and in public spaces, galleries and pop-up venues across Brighton & Hove and beyond, involving more than 45 photographers and collaborators all bound by a common approach.
Featuring re-discovered archives and premiering new commissions, BPB14 addresses the role of photography across genres and includes established and emerging talent, across communities and continents. Photography is explored as prints, projections, pixels and pages.
The core programme takes place throughout October and offers a packed schedule of workshops, talks, screenings and other events to complement the exhibitions, ensuring everyone – whatever their level of interest or expertise, can participate in BPB14.

Brighton Photo Biennial - 4 October to 2 November 2014 

Thabiso Sekgala - from Jewel Avenue Series, 2014